Name Droppers

The Name-dropper series investigates personal archeology, art world advice and painting improvisation caught some were between a diary tell-all and a sacred scroll.

Exhibitions featuring The Name Droppers series
Umbrella Arts, String Theory, NYC 2008
Irvine Contempoary Washington DC Jan 2006
Scope Miami 2005
Suddenly Summer-new talent, Ramscale NYC 2004

2008 Cry Gayboy Cry/ ICO Jim Prell
2008 Popular Vanity/ sold
BOY CRY 2007 ICO Gino Caligiuri
Status / SOLD
This piece found a home in DC via Miami
status / SOLD
status / ICO Robert Doty
"What good art gives, Bad art takes away" Jerry Saltz loved this one. In the collection of Omar Lopez Chahoud.
status / SOLD
status / SOLD
"Birth of the Name Droppers" ICO Dennis and Elizabeth Shea
status / ICO April DiCostanzo
2006 status / SOLD ico/ Alexis E. Peters
2005 - Cry boy gay cry status / available
2005 "Gossipy what-not" The 1st in the series. status / ICO Robert Doty
2005 "Night sight" media on paper mounted to board. Status / Available
One of the first in the series-2003 Status / Personal collection
2006 Please Stop Talking
2007 HangTime
2007 Big Orange
ICO Robert Doty
2007 Bash Back
2006 Target
The Nose Knows-2005 status / SOLD